What is Energy Science?

What is Energy Science?

What is Energy Science?

Energy science is based on the concept that everything in the manifest world is based on the movement of dynamic energy.  Based in that energy is Life Energy. 

The vibrational paradigm to which our learned knowledge is based, is common to all traditional healing systems around the world.  They describe the existence of a Life Force (Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether, etc.)  which is what animates and determines the condition of all living beings.  This Life Force is a vital energy which is itself part of an invisible spiritual and vibrational world which surrounds us and affects every aspect of the world around us. 

Modern Science and Medicine, especially in the Western world today, completely dismisses all classical concepts of Vital Energy and Life Force.  It focuses only on physical, mechanical references. 

Our learned knowledge at Science & Spirit Skincare, is based on historical methods of holistic testing and energy balancing which are based on concepts of Vital Energy.  Our goal is the pursuit of holistic exploration of dynamic energy and vibration. 

Allow us to use our expert knowledge to create and blend a skin serum to strengthen your Life Force Energy. 

Find out what vibes with you!

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