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Science & Spirit Skincare

Sacred Skin Serum

Sacred Skin Serum

Nourish your body with Sacred Skin Serum - a personalized blend of organic essential oils, customized to your unique vibration. A perfect union of nature and science, each product is intentionally designed to give your body what it craves.
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Indulge in skincare that resonates with your individual essence. Our custom blends of 28 essential oils are artfully crafted to harmonize with your unique vibrations, enriched by four distinct carrier oils. Each blend is a personal masterpiece – your very own concoction, complete with an ingredient list tailored to you. Immerse yourself in the embrace of organic, farm-to-bottle oils, ethically sourced for a truly unparalleled experience.

How to Use

Embrace the world of facial oils with ease using Sacred Skin. Our serum offers a gentle initiation into this realm. Expect nothing but the purest, highest quality 100% organic essential and carrier oils gracing your skin.

Your personalized formula curated for you. The serum seamlessly melds into your skin. Your unique scent preference is honored, rendering every drop truly your own.

Application is simple – apply to clean and dry skin morning and/or night, with a gentle wait before makeup.

Sacred Skin Serum is intended for topical use. Please do not ingest Sacred Skin Serum.

How it's Made

With your acquisition of Sacred Skin Serum, a profound journey awaits. Each oil is meticulously tested with your vibration, resulting in a bespoke serum that resonates profoundly with your skin.

Created exclusively for you, each blend is handcrafted with love in San Francisco, California.

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Our Oils

Experience skincare that embraces the essence of sustainability and purity.

Our journey begins with selecting the finest, sustainably sourced essential oils, complemented by carrier oils that are both organic and responsibly obtained. Notably, our Argan oil is a testament to ethical sourcing, being directly imported from a woman-owned cooperative in Morocco. Every drop tells a story of handcrafted excellence, as it's derived from trees nurtured on their own land. Revel in the beauty of nature's harmony, reflected in each bottle we offer.

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Our Process

Unlock the synergy of energy and skincare with us. At Science & Spirit Skincare, we specialize in energy science. Witness the fusion of modern techniques and ancient wisdom as we assess your unique energy response to more than 28 essential oils and 4 carrier oils. Guided by the art of vibrational radiesthesia and the finesse of advanced BioGeometry, we'll meticulously craft a personalized serum, tailored exclusively for you. Embrace the harmonious union of science and spirit for radiant, individualized beauty.

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