Jenilee D

This product has truly made my skin glow. Since I've started using my oil, I regularly get compliments on how radiant my skin looks and am so thankful to have stumbled upon this unique company. Thank you!

Niki S

I was having a horrible time with extremely dry & red skin on my face from weather and retinols - your oil CURED IT! Thank you so, so much!!!

Amy R

I have been getting so many unsolicited compliments on my skin. I've been told multiple times I'm glowing. My skin feels amazing and it stays moisturized for longer than with any other oil I've used. You're onto something great!

Sasha A

I have been using my face oil every night and my skin is definitely not as flaky as usual! Also, the little breakouts I get go away quickly. So far I am really liking it!

Lisa B

I’ve been using Sacred Skin Serum for 6 months now and my face cannot function without it! Seriously, it has transformed my skin. My face coloring is very even, no spotty patches. I’ve always battled whiteheads on my nose, nothing took them away. Facial after facial along with follow up care and they just came back. After 2 months of using Sacred Skin on my face every day at bedtime, the whiteheads on my nose have totally disappeared! I also love that each time I order a new bottle and upload a new picture, the scent changes a little. It’s like my custom face serum is changing with me.

Camille M

I love the ritual of putting it on every night!!

Victor M

When the oil came, I knew it was made uniquely for me by the scent alone - it smelled almost exactly like my favorite cologne! It has cleared out the redness in my face when I use it as a skin serum, and makes my skin glow.

Brooke G

Just got my oil blend and it smells so good and feels wonderful on my face!!! Energetically it felt in tune with my own, and even when holding the bottle it helped alleviate a headache I’ve had for the past few hours. Absolutely wonderful and I’m so excited to use and promote it!!

Kaden B

I love the way it smells! It's my favorite part of my nightly routine!

Dani H

I received this oil as a gift, after being informed that it was MADE for me I knew I was in love. I use this product morning and night (I put a few drops in my fragrance-free lotion) and I have noticed my skin feeling softer, not to mention the aroma! Love love love this product. Thank you!

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